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    Vancouver, B.C., May 12, 2019

    Let's do a brunch for your mom this year!
    This year, Mother's Day begins with pleasure and with many small delicacies: surprise your mother and invite her to a cosy brunch. What can be served up, read here.

    What is "a brunch"?
    The word brunch comes from the English language and consists of "breakfast" and "lunch" together. So it's a meal that combines breakfast and lunch. In many cafés and restaurants, there is a varied brunch offer with cold and warm dishes. The selection on the weekend is usually larger and the all-you-can-eat offer ensures that everyone is really satisfied and leaves the location happy.
    Of course, you can also invite to brunch at your own breakfast table. Homemade juices and smoothies are healthy and delicious, small snacks and finger food are the best and if you feel like baking then but fresh bread.
    A brunch often starts in the morning and often extends into the afternoon hours. Perfect for all late sleepers. Friends and families like to arrange a common "brunch" and spend cosy time with many delicacies.

    Salmon and omelette are actually a must
    Of course, brunch is all about food. So you can really hit while shopping and give your creativity free rein because everything is allowed: 

    cold, warm, appetizers, desserts and even cake can enrich the laid table yet. Of course, the brunch classics are still available and you should not miss them. Delicious smoked salmon, a fresh omelette, boiled eggs, home-made jams, fruity cottage cheese and of course fresh bread rolls may not be missing at a brunch buffet or on the well-laid breakfast table. Hearty treats like antipasti or fried bacon are always well received. It is important that you prepare everything well and your guests feel comfortable. Almost as important as the food are the drinks. In addition to coffee and tea, fresh juices, such as orange or apple juice, are very popular. But if you have a little more time, prepare a fruit smoothie. This gives a great surprise and provides a strong vitamin boost.

    Delicious pampering program on Mother's Day

    Especially at Mother's Day brunch, you should put a lot of emphasis on the table decoration. Decorate the table lovingly with colourful flowers and small accessories in heart shape. Different candles give the table charm and cosiness. Cute Mother's Day gifts, creative DIY gifts for Mother's Day or other little touches can be placed on Mother's plate with a homemade Mother's Day card.

    If fruits such as pineapple or watermelon are to be served, they can be excellently cut out with a cookie cutter in heart shape and arranged on small plates. For cold cuts and cheese, this trick works just as well! The result: The presentation of the food looks great, is made with love and tastes twice as good.
    For the freshly fried egg, we also have a tip: Put a heart shape made of aluminium (available in a well-stocked supermarket) in the frying pan and beat the egg directly into the mould, fry for a few minutes and you have a beautiful Mother's Day Fried egg.

    To celebrate the day, you can also prepare a delicious aperitif.
    Edible flowers look great in the drink and guaranteed to inspire their mother. Alternatively, you can drink champagne in a fancy glass and say "THANK YOU" to your mother!

    Dedicate yourself to your mother this day and take time to chat, laugh and happiness again.

    Have fun and enjoy your meal!