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Partnership of equals

In TROIKA you will find a knowledgeable and innovative partner for your business. No matter if you are a classic dealer or travel retailer at the airport. We listen to the market and know where you are pushing the shoe. And we offer you exactly the solutions that relieve you and help you to grow your business. From the cutting-edge product range with an average of 90 innovations per year over the high-quality POS material to individual shop furnishings. If you want to develop your business actively - we are there!

All available products at one place

Managing your purchase life has never been this easy with the ability to see the full range of TROIKA products, all the new products, discounted products, and POS/display options all in one place.

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Partners Worldwide

TROIKA has a worldwide presence. With a dense network of partners, TROIKA serves clients in more than 70 countries.

Travel Retail

With TROIKA, you are banking on a partner that has been established in the travel business worldwide since 1998. Use our know-how for successful products, concepts, and services. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the travel retail business. Since 1998, TROIKA has been working together with Duty-Free and Border shops worldwide. We know the specific needs of travelers and know which TROIKA products are performing well in this environment. Matching display solutions are available, eg. B. for the Construction series, for technical key chains and LED flashlights.

TROIKA participates regularly in in-flight programs of various airlines. We also like to share this know-how with you.

Furniture & Displays

Integrate TROIKA products into your shop concept quickly and easily. With furniture displays and packaging tailored to your needs.

Explain yourself: TROIKA packaging and displays

TROIKA packaging and displays make it easy – and to your customers. Clear, easy-to-understand illustrations and labels with an already attached price. A meaningful and comprehensible arrangement on the displays, quick and easy to load and refill.

For all common POS situations, we have a large range of display concepts ready, stationary or flexible scrollable. In all, we attach great importance to easy handling. TROIKA displays can usually be scaled in a few simple steps, the products can be easily exchanged or re-sorted. In short: TROIKA packaging and displays adapt flexibly to your needs. This saves valuable time in daily hectic business.

Our short-term and long-term displays are successfully used in Germany nearly 1,500 times at the POS. A small confirmation of our concept. And a great incentive to constantly develop the quality of the product presentation and to adapt it dynamically to your needs.

Grow with your success: TROIKA Freerail

Freerail TROIKAFreerail is flexible and scalable: Start small and expand the system step by step if necessary.

Freerail is stylish, but not too trendy: The high-quality look with surfaces in wood and metal look appeals to your customers even after years.

Freerail is fast (to set up): All parts are easy to assemble. The tool is included.

Freerail is versatile: Freerail wall, floor tower, table stand and table tower give you maximum freedom of design for your shop.

Freerail makes it easy for you to put your TROIKA products in the limelight. For the perfect self-service and highlight presentation.

Are you interested in becoming a retailer and sell the awesome TROIKA products in CANADA? Contact us