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    Vancouver, B.C., December 03, 2019

    Every year again! Christmas is getting closer and you have no idea what to give your loved ones?

    But Christmas without presents - that's unimaginable for many people. After all, brightly colored presents make it year after year under the Christmas tree, especially for children who are impatiently waiting for Santa or the Christkindl throughout the year. They all are eagerly longing for Christmas to open the presents.

    Even most of the adults are looking forward to Christmas to give their loved ones special presents. Before giving presents, however, the Pre-Christmas and gift stress comes for all of us. To make the Pre-Christmas time not too stressful for you we looked a bit deeper into our collection and summarized the most beautiful Christmas gifts we offer for someone with a special occupation or hobby.

    1. A gift for an outdoor enthusiast:

    Activities outside are important because, thanks to exercise, our body stays fit and we are generally healthier. Whether hiking, cozy Nordic walking, running, cycling or even dog walking - our gift idea is helpful, especially in the dark season. You will be seen. Anyone who often jogs or cycles outside knows how quickly you can overlook things.
    ECO RUN means safety first, especially in the darker season. Just clip the sport and safety light on your collar or on the bike with the silicone strap and the strong magnet, this is really easy. Put yourself in the right light now with assurance: with two light levels, flashing light, and USB charger.

    2. The one friend who is always busy in the office:

    The gift should be by no means ordinary or banal. Our fancy desk objects often offer storage space for smaller items! Is it always rush hour on his/her desk? Most of all objects have secret compartments and magnetically secured paper clips, paperclip holders, and function as a paperweight. A powerful friction motor gives the opportunity to play around during boring and long-lasting phone calls. Phone, emails, meetings - how about a break from office stress? 

    3. Architects and Construction workers will love this:

    With our construction pens, everything is going according to plan. Planning aid and toolbox in one! The multitasking ballpoint pen CONSTRUCTION really has a lot on it - and in it. Various scales, centimeter and inch ruler, slotted and Phillips screwdriver, spirit level, and colour matching stylus. Nothing can go wrong now!

    For craftsmen, carpenters, masons, concrete and reinforced concrete workers, we offer our carpenter pencil. The refill of the new CARPENTERS PENCIL measures a full 5.6mm thick. Just what they need to outline their ideas powerfully, even on rough surfaces such as wood, stone, and concrete. With legible scales and an integrated sharpener, the mechanical pencil is indispensable for outdoor use. Work, don't play. But not only for craftsmen.

    4. A unique gift for a business partner:

    Impress with this gift - in your grasp Novelty worldwide! MR SLOWHAND the first business card case with a hydrodynamic opening. The world is mobile. Now your business card case is too. Thanks to a brand new hydrodynamic mechanism MR SLOWHAND opens as if by itself at the touch of a button. And the diverse, robust case becomes a practical dispenser. With this hydrodynamic opening mechanism, it stands out from the rest, without battery. A must-have for everyone who is always busy with making new contacts. Folded up, MR. SLOWHAND is used as a functional cardholder.

    We hope that these tips are helping to make your Pre-Christmas less stressful. Important to know: To make sure the gifts arrive in time for Christmas, you should look up the delivery times during check out. Not every delivery arrives on time unless ordered on time. In addition, the delivery may be delayed due to the high volume of parcels. For some regions, we offer later delivery options (as of late as December 17th) but just to be on the safe side, the date you should be aiming for is December 10th.

    Have a relaxed Pre-Christmas season while shopping online.