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    Vancouver, B.C., Januar 20, 2020

    The Toronto Gift and Home Market coming up soon we think this show offers us as an exhibitor an excellent opportunity to present ourselves and our products and services. For you as a trade show visitor, you can get specific information and conclude your first business transactions in 2020. This show is ideal for making new contacts, between exhibitors/trade show visitors, trade show visitors/trade show visitors or even exhibitors/exhibitors.

    Where is the best place to start in the exhibitor's labyrinth?
    In order to get the most out of a trade show visit, it is important to be efficient and structured. Here are 7 tips we think are helpful for your planning.

    1. Find companions with the same interests
    If you visit the show with other people, they should have the same information interests as you. If this is not the case, then you should definitely separate at the show and arrange a later meeting point. This is the only way to use the time at the show efficiently.

    2. Obtain the exhibition catalog in advance
    Preparation is everything. This also applies to visit the show. Obtain a trade show catalog or brochure in advance. You can usually download these online or order them directly from the trade show organizer. For the January 2020 show, we provide you with a link to the Toronto Gift and Home Market Guide. In the future it's available at the Toronto Gift and Home website as soon as show information is updated.

    3. Clarify your goal of the trade show visit
    Pick up a notepad and pen. Take notes and answer the following four questions for yourself:

    1. What exactly do I want to find out about at the trade show?
    2. What do I want to know after visiting the show that I don't know yet?
    3. Who do I want to contact?
    4. Which events, lectures, exhibition stands do I really want to visit?

    It is, therefore, a question of formulating for yourself what exactly you want to achieve with your visit to the show.

    4. Define stations
    Use your notes and the exhibition catalog to mark your "path" and your stations on the overview map. Follow your priorities.

    For example, you definitely want to visit exhibitor XY and attend an interesting presentation at his booth. This means that the exhibitor XY forms station 1 of your visit to the show. Feel free to enter a clearly visible one on the trade show plan.

    Then go to the next station. Which nearby exhibitor do you want to visit next? When determining your stations, you should also make sure that the distances are as short as possible. If there are two exhibitors in Hall A that interest you, then, of course, both exhibitors will be visited before you switch to the next hall.

    5. Establish the schedule
    Establish an approximate schedule, with an emphasis on “approximately”. This schedule is for guidance only. This way you always know whether you are still halfway on schedule and thus achieve your "trade show goals" you have set out to achieve.

    6. Reach out to your contact person in advance
    People who want to speak to you at the show should contact you in advance and make an appointment. This also applies to the exhibitors you want to visit. Because there are often companies that are very busy at the exhibition stand.

    In such cases, in particular, it is advisable to contact the exhibitor in advance by phone for an appointment in order to keep the waiting times when visiting their booth as short as possible. Of course, you should have the phone numbers of the contact persons with you. Should something come up, from whichever side, you can react more flexible.

    7. Postprocessing is also part of your trade show visit
    The visit to the show is over, information has been collected, contacts have been made. What's next?
    The post-processing. Clarify for yourself how you can best prepare and use the information collected. Contacts should be cultivated. Register as soon as possible with the contacts made at the trade show and arrange further joint steps if necessary.

    With these tips, your visit to the show should no longer be a problem. Looking forward to seeing you soon - well prepared!