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As TROIKA Germany´s exclusive distributor in Canada, we are looking for you! We are searching for retailers across Canada to become our local retail partner and feature on our retailer network map. We would be thrilled to welcome you to the TROIKA Canada team! 

Wholesale Requirements

Retail Troika CanadaTo be eligible to register as a wholesale client, the products being purchased must be for resale at a retail establishment. Please provide us with your PST number or if you do not have a PST number, a completed exemption certificate.

We require that your initial order meets a minimum of $400.00, costs for shipping and handling are not included and will be calculated with 12% / 9%* of your total order (*3% discount on all cheque payments or money transfer).

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cheque* or Money Transfer.*
All credit card information is secure and is only used upon fulfillment of your order
* (discounted shipping & handling fees on all cheque payments or money transfers)

All available products at one place

Managing your purchase life has never been this easy with the ability to see the full range of TROIKA products, all the new products, discounted products, and POS/display options all in one place. Order your Troika products through the powerfull B2B Marketplace ShopZio.

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You Need more details and pictures? 

You can download even more detailed product information and pictures from the TROIKA Business page The German TROIKA BUSINESS page embraces the future of help – helping our retailers to help themselves. To visit the TROIKA Business page click here

How to order as a wholesale customer without ShopZio

1. Download and print out the “PDF-order form” to order your items.

We require that your initial order meets a minimum of $400.00, costs for shipping and handling are not included in the item price and will be calculated with 12% or 9% of your total order. Calculation based on ground shipments (10-15 business days). Smaller re/orders will be calculated individually from warehouse Vancouver and depend on the order and shipping address.

2. Fill out the order form and select a method of payment (money transfer, cheque or credit card). If you have chosen credit card payment, please fill out the “Credit Card Authorization".

3. Forward your filled forms via email to

A confirmation will be sent containing possible prepayment agreements, delivery information, etc., once an order is placed.

Download your order form and read our Terms and Conditions

TROIKA Canada order forms







PDF-Order form

Terms and Conditions

Your TROIKA Brochures

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Troika Catalog 2020 B2C     Troika Freerail Catalog Troika Construction Family 

Order your individual TROIKA Free rail system

Grow with your success:

Freerail is flexible and scalable: Start small and expand the system step by step if necessary. It is stylish, but not too trendy: The high-quality look with surfaces in wood and metal look appeals to your customers even after years. Freerail is fast (to set up): All parts are easy to assemble. The tool is included. It is versatile: Freerail wall, floor tower, table stand, and table tower give you maximum freedom of design for your shop. It makes it easy for you to put your TROIKA products in the limelight. For the perfect self-service and highlight presentation.
Our short-term and long-term displays are successfully used in Germany nearly 1,500 times at the POS. A small confirmation of our concept. And a great incentive to constantly develop the quality of the product presentation and to adapt it dynamically to your needs.