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     August 19, 2020

    Troika Canada - Our German Roots

    Did you know? TROIKA Canada’s roots lie in Germany. It all began with the founding of TROIKA Germany in 1992 in Hattert, as a small family business. TROIKA is your specialist for design-oriented men’s gifts, technical key rings and innovative travel accessories. In the 90s TROIKA Germany received the first design prizes, which continues until today. In recent years TROIKA was the winner of the German design award special in 2019 as well as the German brand award winner in 2017.

    Starting with 5 employees at the company’s beginning, today over 50 employees work at TROIKA Germany’s headquarters located in Mueschenbach. The family start-up grew into an innovative and highly successful, medium-sized enterprise that supports an open and communicative work atmosphere. As modern man becomes more mobile, technically oriented and has many hobbies, so does TROIKA. Every day, for more than 25 years, we have always been looking for new, innovative gift ideas that will bring you lots of fun & joy.

    Troika Canada - Designed in Germany, Based in Vancouver, BC.

    TROIKA Canada is your North American official distributor of TROIKA products and brings German design and quality directly to your home, office and everyday life. We are based in Vancouver, BC and always here for you to support with any questions. We are also in close contact to the German headquarters, who is a trusted partner for all of its representatives worldwide. In addition, we are proud to mention our partnership with Volkswagen. The upscale Volkswagen collection consists of officially licensed gifts meticulously designed and produced by Troika Germany. Our wide and unique product portfolio inspires modern men as well as women and aims at making a difference for them by adding joy, design and functionality to their life. 

    Function // Innovation // Design

    TROIKA’s core values, that are incorporated by every product, are functionality, innovation and design. We combine German quality with outstanding and award-winning European design and functionality that is an asset to everyday life. This magical value triangle makes TROIKA products so very special.

    Function & Innovation: Our products aim at being simple and self-explanatory, contemporary and trendy, but also emotional and often come with a little startling extra idea that brings innovative functionality to your life.

    Design: TROIKA works together with more than 20 renowned designers and design offices worldwide. Thus, fresh product ideas from the most diverse regions, cultural circles and scenes find access to our product portfolio. Our products have been awarded with renowned German and international design awards more than 70 times. This confirms the consistently high design quality of our complete product range.


    TROIKA stands for quality, safety and the environment. Therefore, sustainability is one of our key concerns and responsibilities. Our products meet our high-quality standards, give the user a long-lasting pleasure and are absolutely safe for use. TROIKA products do not burden the environment unnecessarily, neither during their life cycle nor when disposed. In the production of our products, the environment is preserved and the employees involved in production and distribution are not exposed to any risks.

    Right from the development stage, we set all requirements for the quality and safety of our products. We select only harmless materials for our products. We also check on-site if children work for our suppliers. Initial samples of our products are tested in Germany before their market launch and only released after passing the test successfully. If we classify products as being particularly relevant to safety, we regularly have random samples tested in independent laboratories. In addition, continuous production controls are carried out on all production sites worldwide. We are aiming at using as little plastic packaging as possible.

    For most of our packaging we use cardboard and paper instead. Generally, we aim at reducing packaging and only using the minimum amount of wrapping necessary. We also recycle cardboard boxes and other material as often as possible.

    Social Media

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    Thanks for diving into our German history and learning more about our values.

    Enjoy our great products and stay safe! 

    Your TROIKA Canada Team