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    Troika endless pencils

    Vancouver, BC, October 10, 2022

    The new Troika Multitasking Endless Pencil redefines pencil technology.

    Anyone who has ever used a pen from our Construction Family knows how handy it can be to have a ruler and pencil combined in one device. And those who depend on their pencil in everyday work know how frustrating it is when the pencil tip breaks off. Other times the pencil is just blunt and you don’t have a sharpener to hand.

    Troika has combined these experiences to create an innovative writing device that combines the best features of our Multitasking Pencil and the dream of endless writing and drawing. The Construction Endless is just perfect for architects, draftsmen, artists, and those working in construction or have to make sketches of all sorts.

    Troika endless pencil is a real performer

    Endless pencil in front of a sharpened standard pencil

    The permanent HB (medium hard) writing tip of the new endless pencil needs no sharpening and is basically unbreakable. It can perform up to 20 km of writing. When these 20 km are over, the tip can be easily replaced, which makes the Construction Endless highly sustainable. Even though this pencil does not contain a classic lead, the writing is still erasable.

    Why is it called Construction Pencil?

    Just like any other pen from our Construction Family, this pencil makes the perfect companion for those working in construction or related fields, because it has a centimeter/inch ruler and offers a 1:20 m and a 1:50 m scale.

    How does the everlasting pencil work?

    The sustainable, endless writing tip is made of aluminium and metal. When it rubs on the paper it breaks down the alloy metal molecules, creating pencil-like marks. The metal hardly wears itself over time. That means endless writing and drawing with the well-known writing comfort.

    All of our endless pencils have a matt aluminium and metal tone and come in five different colors: black, dark blue, red, silver, and yellow. It measures 147 x 10 x 10 mm and weighs 16 g.

    Your TROIKA Canada Team