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    Vancouver, BC, April 02, 2021

    We always want to keep you updated even when we are currently not allowed to travel. 
    Since Easter is approaching we thought you might be interested in two stories about Easter eggs and more.

    1. The EASTER EGG

    Where does the Easter egg come from?

    In pre-Christian paganism, the Easter egg was already given a major role.TROIKA Canada Easter Eggs Because the hen's egg harbors and generates new life, it was already a symbol of fertility in the ancient Orient. Today Easter eggs are symbols of the most important festival in Christianity.

    Christian beliefs soon oriented themselves towards the effectiveness of the egg and compared the hard shell with the grave of Christ, from which new life emerged through the resurrection. Because it was forbidden to eat eggs during Lent, the hen's egg also played a major role as food. Because hard-boiled, the staple food lasted a long time and could still be eaten with relish at the end of Lent.


    Another interesting story involving an egg is the Columbus' egg. It has noting to do with Easter but the origin of this idiom isn't less interesting than the origin of the Easter egg.

    2. The COLUMBUS' EGG

    Where does the Columbus' egg idiom come from?

    When Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after the legendary discovery of America, he was duly received and celebrated.

    At a feast held in his honor, however, his envious people also spoke up: It was not difficult to discover the "New World". After all, the ocean was open and this venture would have been easy for any of them!

    TROIKA Canada Columbus' eggColumbus was deeply offended in his seafaring honor and did not want to let these words rest. He took a boiled egg that was on the table and asked those present to turn it upside down so that it couldn't fall over. Despite great enthusiasm, the first attempts of the guests failed and one saw perplexed faces on all sides. Curious, more and more men came to the table to give it a try. Soon everyone in the hall was convinced that this was an impossible task. So the navigator was asked to try it himself.

    Columbus smiled and put the egg on the table with a light tap so that it stayed on the indented tip. Those present were outraged and protested that they could have done that too! “Gentlemen, when you know how to do it, everything is very easy. The difference is that you could have done it, but I did!"

    We did it as well. How do you like our version of Columbus' egg?

    Two very different but interesting stories we hope you enjoyed reading.

    Your TROIKA Canada Team